RDA welcomes decisions of the coalition committee and urges further modification of aid programmes


The RDA welcomes yesterday's decisions of the coalition committee and assesses the result as an important step towards maintaining jobs and structures in the coach industry in Germany.

In particular, the extension of the short-time working allowance until 31.12.2021 will effectively prevent job reductions. Whether the reimbursement of only half of the social security contributions from 01.07.2021 onwards will be affordable for the coach companies remains to be awaited in view of the further course of the Corona pandemic.

With the decision to extend the bridging aid programme until 31.12.2020, the coalition committee fulfils an important demand of the RDA. However, in the view of the RDA, it remains necessary to support each operating site of a group of companies up to the monthly subsidy limit of € 50,000 and to remove the subsidy limits for small companies completely.

In the RDA's view, the suspension of the obligation to file for bankruptcy until 31.12.2020 due to over-indebtedness is too short. In view of the typical seasonal pattern in the coach and group tourism sector, the RDA continues to demand suspension until at least 31.03.2021.

"The results of the coalition committee give an important signal to the coach and group tourism sector. The aid measures will not end, but will be continued on sight. However, it is particularly damaging for family-run businesses that not all operating sites of a group of companies can apply for bridging aid up to the maximum funding limit. This has yet to change and the RDA will continue to work towards this," comments RDA President Esser.