The coach is Climate Protector No. 1

Anyone who travels by coach protects the climate and conserves resources.

With greenhouse gas emissions of 31 g per passenger kilometre, the coach is not only the lowest emitting means of travel, but also the least fuel-intensive; consuming only 1.4 l per passenger per 100 km. Moreover, thanks to its average load factor of 64 %, the modern coach replaces around 20 cars, as these are on average only occupied by 1.5 people.

The coach also has the lowest environmental cost. According to the Federal Environment Agency's calculations, the damage caused to society by environmental pollution is hereby calculated. Not only greenhouse gas emissions are taken into account, but also the other phases of the life cycle of the means of transport. These include the construction, maintenance, disposal and provision of fuels.


In the following, you can find a comparison of the environmental costs of the various means of transport

Environmental costs per passenger kilometre

  • Coach: 1,07 ct/Pkm
  • Electric train (long distance traffic): 1.74 ct/Pkm
  • Electric car: 4.09 ct/Pkm
  • Diesel car: 5,05 ct/Pkm
  • Airplane (short and medium distances): 8.33 ct/Pkm



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