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EACT - First Appraisal of BREXIT

The European Alliance for Coach Tourism (EACT) agreed at its meeting on 5th July 2016 in Cologne that every effort should be made by those negotiating on behalf of the EU with the UK on BREXIT to ensure that the coach tourism industry across Europe should not be severely affected - whether countries are members of the EU or not.

EACT members agreed that citizens in all European Countries would still want to visit each other and experience each other’s cultures. EU citizens will still visit the UK and UK citizens will still visit the EU. Introducing additional border and visa controls would have a detrimental effect on coach tourism and negatively affect the economies in countries that rely on this business for their prosperity.
It should not be forgotten that there are more than 65,000 coach companies in Europe operating over 250,000 coaches and employing 1 million people, with a turnover of €270 billion. The coach tourism sector also creates some 7 million jobs indirectly in the European tourism industry.

Hotels, Visitor Attractions, Restaurants, Cafes and Shops depend on coach tourism for their businesses to survive. Without coach tourism passengers, who spend on average €75 per day, many businesses would cease trading, resulting in increased unemployment across Europe. This cannot be in anyone’s best interest.

EACT, therefore, calls upon politicians, decision-makers, business leaders and tourism officials involved in any BREXIT negotiations to understand and carefully consider the full implications for the European tourism sector going forward.
EACT further urges negotiators to consult with EACT and coach tourism stakeholders to ensure that this vital European and international industry continues to thrive throughout Europe.

Stephen Smith
Chairman, EACT
6th July 2016, Cologne


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