Technical equipment and regular driving trainings ensure more safety

The coach is and remains the safest means of transport on the way to your holiday.
From ABS to wear-free auxiliary brakes, modern coaches are full of technical refinements that increase driving safety.
An experienced and well-trained driver also contributes considerably to a relaxed and safe coach journey. In order to be able to react safely and routinely in everyday driving and in exceptional situations, bus drivers - similar to pilots - complete fully developed and proven driving safety training courses every 5 years. Coach drivers are regularly examined and tested for their fitness to drive. The Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrFQG) regulates the initial and further training of professional drivers with the aim of increasing road safety in road traffic.

Contributing to safety as a passenger

Safety starts with the vehicle and driver, but does not stop there. The passenger can also contribute to the safety of the coach:

  • Fasten your seat belt. In coaches which are equipped with seat belts, passengers are obliged to buckle up.
  • The coach drivers' safety instructions must always be followed.
  • Emergency escape routes in coaches must not be blocked. Larger pieces of luggage or shopping souvenirs always belong in the luggage compartments.
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