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RDA supported international campaign Smart Move

Smart Move – a joint industry initiative to promote a greater use of buses and coaches worldwide.

I. What is Smart Move?

Smart Move is a joint IRU/Busworld campaign to promote a greater use of collective passenger transport by bus and coach worldwide. Smart Move is endorsed by the bus and coach industry, manufacturers, suppliers and, ultimately, all professionals and individuals who share the rationale and objectives of the campaign.


II. Why are campaigning IRU/Busworld?

Among transport industry professionals, buses and coaches are acknowledged as one of the most environmentally-friendly, safe, flexible and affordable means of transport. As such, they offer an optimal response to a range of mobility-related challenges, such as climate change, road safety, congestion, social inclusion and connectivity.
Regrettably, citizens, politicians and mass media are often unaware of this reality. On the contrary, buses and coaches are often wrongly associated by politicians and the public with problems commonly attributed to road transport, such as pollution and congestion.

This misperception has led to a situation where buses and coaches are not only underperforming in terms of use and contribution to society but also suffer from political negligence and often ill-informed, improper and even restrictive legislation.

III. How to achieve the goal?

The Smart Move campaign aims at changing this state of play by providing to policy and opinion makers updated facts and figures to ensure an informed debate in policy-making processes and tools to encourage people to switch from cars to buses and coaches whenever possible.

By documenting and advocating the implementation of Doubling the use of bus and coach transport policies that support and incentivise bus and coach travel at local, national, regional and global level, hundreds of millions of cars can be taken off the road, thus dramatically contributing to road safety and carbon reduction targets of governments throughout the globe, to everybody’s benefit.


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