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Protect the environment - travel by coach

The environmental compatibility of holiday coaches

Coach travel is not only more environment friendly than flying, modern holiday coaches also save lots of space on our roads and in our inner city areas! Little noise is generated in comparison to large numbers of cars and fewer resources are used compared to either cars or rail. Measured on primary energy consumption, coach travel requires – for the provision of requisite infrastructure and operations per person kilometre – only half the requirements of rail and only a third the requirements of cars.

This is continued during trips and tours: a coach tourist generates far less air and fine dust particles pollution. Coach travel is climate-friendly. Coach travel consumes very little energy per person – even compared to rail travel – and results in a small amount of carbon dioxide emissions – carbon dioxide being climate killer Number One!

A coach traveller in Germany - in an average occupied coach – requires only ca. 0.7 litres of diesel over 100 kilometres; rail 0.9 litres and cars 2 litres (Otto motor, diesel motor 1.8 litres) – more than double! Flight travel is especially energy intensive; almost seven times as much energy being required for the same stretch! And this certainly has an effect on carbon dioxide emissions: 6.5 times more carbon dioxide is emitted on a flight with average occupancy and 2.7 times during a car trip than during a coach tour with ca. 18 gram per person kilometre. Even a rail trip emits 0.1 to 0.4 gram per person kilometre more carbon dioxide.

Coach travel is active climate protection! So: protect the environment, travel by coach!


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