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Coaches are a safe mode of transport

Coaches are and will remain the safest and most reliable mode of holiday transport. Coach tourism is characterised by high technical and legally-binding safety standards which help to reduce the risks of an accident occurring in the first place. Modern holiday coaches are comfortable and spacious limousines. They are built to perform and endure. ABS and additional wear-free braking – along with a whole range of other technical refinements – help to increase driver safety.

Passenger comfort does not fall short by any means – thanks to modern media and communications technology, high quality ergonomic seating, board kitchen and board toilet.

Well-trained and experienced coach drivers are also guarantors of safe and relaxing coach holidays. Coach drivers are qualified and undergo further training. They also have to attend regular medical check-ups. The German professional driving qualifications law (BKrFQG) regulates the instruction and further training of coach drivers. It is based on EU guideline 2003/59/EG. The goal of further driver training (every 5 years) is to increase traffic and road safety levels and to engender a more economical driving style among coach drivers.

Similar to airline pilots, coach drivers also have to partake in driver safety training so as to be best able to safely and routinely deal with and react to exceptional situations.

Safety begins with the vehicle and with the driver but does not stop here. Passengers can also make a contribution to coach safety.

Coach safety for passengers:

  • Mandatory seat-belt wearing in coaches with seat-belts. Passengers have to heed coach drivers’ safety instructions at all times.
  • Escape routes in coaches may not be blocked by bulky items. Larger pieces of luggage, shopping and souvenirs belong in the baggage compartments under the coach at all times.
  • Information creates confidence - any questions you may have concerning coach safety will by gladly answered by your local coach company or travel agent.

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