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Free movement of services for tour guides

Recognition of tour guiding work in EU member states

The EU Guideline on the Mutual Recognition of Job Qualifications (2005/36/EG) in the member states of the European Union (EU) is currently in operation. The guideline envisages, among others, regulations for the activities of tour guides.

Tour guides no longer need to apply for either a licence or permission when temporarily providing cross-border tour guiding services in other EU member states. EU states where tour guiding is regulated are, however, allowed to request additional documentary proof of a tour guide’s qualifications to guide there.

German tour guides can, for example, when working abroad in certain EU states be asked for evidence that they have been employed as tour guides for at least two years over the previous decade because tour guiding is not regulated in Germany (one tourism season is considered the equivalent of one year). Furthermore, the guideline provides that written notice is presented to the designated registration authorities in the host country before any tour guiding services are supplied.

The following documents must be made available to the host country:

  • Registration form for the temporary provision of services
  • Certificate of recognition of job qualifications according to Article 5 Paragraph 1 Letter b) and Article 7 Paragraph 1 Letter d) of the EU Guideline on the Mutual Recognition of Job Qualifications from 7th September 2005 (2005/36/EG)

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Should discrimination against Germany-based tour guides occur while they are working abroad in another EU member state then they should contact:

SOLVIT Deutschland
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
Scharnhorststraße 34 - 37
10115 Berlin
Fax: 0049/30/18615-5379


Claudia Schnackerz 
Phone: +49 221 91 27 72 16
Fax: +49 221 91 27 72 27

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