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Tour guiding certificate of the Federal German Tourism Federation and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Germany has neither recognized job qualifications nor specific entry requirements for tour guides. In 1990, an expert group was commissioned by the tourism industry to develop a first ever tour-guiding certificate. The joint University of Bremen and Federal German Tourism Federation tour guiding certificate was initiated in 2001 as a result of this private self-help initiative. This practice-oriented proof of job qualification attests that a potential tour guide’s skills in relaying information to guests on visitor attractions, sights of interest, art, culture, history, geography and politics have been properly tested and examined along with their competence and skills in organisation, quality assurance and quality control, tourism knowledge and legal issues together with specialist tour guiding methodology and didactics. Tour operators now have, on the basis of this proof of job qualification, objective criteria to assist them in selecting and employing tour guides.

Core themes for proof of job qualification:

  • Geography / country and destination knowledge
  • Organisation
  • Legal issues, travel law and dealing with complaints
  • Didactics, methodology, social competence
  • Tourism knowledge

Admission requirements: 

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or over.
  • They must possess A Levels / Abitur or an equivalent qualification and proof of practical tour guiding experience.
  • Applicants with proof of many years tour guiding experience may also be allowed to attend the examination.
  • Persons studying at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen for an International Diploma in Applied Leisure Science with a core "Tour-guiding / Guest care and attention" theme (main course of study) or an International Bachelor in Applied Leisure Science from the third term onwards and the master's program of International Studies
    Leisure and Tourism of the University of Bremen.

The tour guiding certificate examination is held once a year at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Successful candidates receive a certificate of qualification and tour guide identification.

Date: 2019 will follow

Place: Bremen

Price: € 160


Claudia Schnackerz 
Phone: +49 221 91 27 72 16
Fax: +49 221 91 27 72 27

Further information, examination regulations and registration form (in German only)

Tour Guide Certificate

Tour Guide Certificate
Tour Guide Identification Card
Tour Guide Identification Card
Renewal of the Tour Guide Identification Card

In accordance with the examination regulations, the extension of the travel pass can be requested.

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Note: Please submit the application at least 4 weeks before expiration.