Tourism ministers miss opportunity for a unified approach to COVID-19 to strengthen the tourism sector


On 28th September 2020, the tourism ministers of the EU member states discussed possible joint measures regarding the corona pandemic in order to give the tourism industry and consumers more confidence in terms of procedures and planning security.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to agree on a joint recommendation. The only agreement among the ministers was that there should be closer coordination within the EU regarding travel warnings, quarantine regulations and the implementation of tests.

Although the ministers responsible for health and interior affairs will also deal with the issue in the coming days, a uniform European approach still does not seem to be in sight. In this context, it should be mentioned that measures to protect public health are the responsibility of the individual Member States. The German Presidency of the Council had asked the EU Member States to develop a cooperative and coordinated approach to contain the corona pandemic in order to reduce travel restrictions to the necessary minimum.

The basis for the discussions was the text on COVID-19 EU coordination which can be downloaded here.