RDA demands depreciation relief to avoid insolvency


In order to effectively prevent balance sheet over-indebtedness and thus insolvencies, the RDA demands depreciation relief in the form of valuation aids for companies in the bus and group tourism sector.

In addition, this is intended to take into account the reduced wear and tear of assets due to downtime or under-utilization.

The aim of the new legal regulation proposed by the RDA is to give the entrepreneur the option to waive scheduled or unscheduled depreciation in whole or in part in both the tax and commercial balance sheets for the financial years ending before January 1, 2021 and beginning after December 31, 2019.

"In the interests of preserving the structure of the sector and maintaining jobs and apprenticeships in the bus and group tourism industry, every effort must be made to preserve the equity base of the companies and prevent under-balance sheets. Otherwise, the high write-offs for coaches in particular would lead to avoidable balance sheet over-indebtedness in the vast majority of cases this year. Write-offs in the form of valuation aids do not burden public funds, save equity capital and could effectively prevent companies from becoming over-indebted in their balance sheets.

We thank the gbk Gütegemeinschaft Buskomfort e.V. for the good co-operation in this technical question", says RDA president Esser.