No reduction in VAT for coach and long-distance coaches

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Federal Council approves unilateral preferential treatment of railways

Today, Friday 20.12.2019, the Bundesrat, in accordance with the specifications of the mediation committee between the federal and state governments, approved the law on the implementation of the climate programme in tax law. This also includes the reduction in value-added tax for long-distance rail transport, which will thus come into force on 01.01.2020.

RDA President Benedikt Esser: "Unfortunately, once again the industry's demands for equal treatment of bus and rail were not taken into account. Legislators are losing credibility if, on the one hand, they take up the cause of climate protection and, on the other hand, leave the environmentally friendly bus out in front of all the measures associated with it. This ignorance on the part of the legislator is frustrating, but at the same time an incentive to commit ourselves even more than before to the bus as the No. 1 climate protector. The new RDA campaign "I Bus on Holiday" and "I Bus for the Climate" will support us and our members in this endeavour.

Travel Law