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Tour Coach Security

Simon Smith (CPT UK) & Stephen Smith (CPT UK & EACT Chairman) at the opening of RDA Group Travel Expo 2017 in Cologne © Dr. Patrick Patridge

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks across the UK and Europe, EACT member Confederation of Passenger Transport (UK) has reminded its members of the need for continued vigilance at all times. This is very pertinent and most useful advice for all RDA member companies, irrespective of their nationality.

Staff should follow recognised processes such as HOT when dealing with left or discarded items and be alert to and report unusual behaviour to the relevant authorities. They should engage with the public to provide reassurance but staff personal safety is also paramount.

HOT involves the consideration of suspicious items as follows:
Hidden – items placed where they will not be readily seen or noticed as unusual
Obviously suspicious – e.g. by physical appearance, by placement or because of the circumstances in which they have been discovered and
Not Typical of what you would normally expect to find in that environment

Coach tourism companies are also recommended to ensure that their staff is familiar with the WHAT Protocol for occasions when someone is observed or reported to be acting in an abnormal or suspicious manner.
What are they doing?
How are they behaving?
Are they alone or acting with others?
Threat – what threat do they pose?

A further tool is the ‘Stay Safe’ video, available at 

The UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office provides advice on its website

And finally, UK Dept. of Transport Bus and Coach Security - Recommended Best Practice advice is available to download from


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