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GNTB 2018 Marketing Theme – “Culinary Germany” – Beer

Photo: ”Two Beers” © Dr. Patrick Patridge 2016

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) main marketing campaign theme for 2018 is “Culinary Germany”. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the diversity of fresh, regional dishes throughout Germany’s 16 Federal States, including traditional favourites to the innovations and new trends being developed by Germany’s emerging culinary stars. From rural regions such as the Black Forest to the internationally renowned restaurants of major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, from Dresden to Düsseldorf, “Culinary Germany” will take coach group and other visitors on a tour of Germany’s fascinating foodie landscapes.

Germany is a paradise on Earth for all beer lovers. Germans are proud of some 6,000 beers brewed in over 1,350 breweries, half of these in Bavaria alone – in other words a different beer for every day for over 16 years! This amazing variety of beers is quite unique, given the fact that the majority of German beers are brewed according to the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ or beer purity law tradition dating from 1516, which only permits the use of water, malt, hops and yeast in the brewing process.

Freshly poured German beers provide cool refreshment on hot summer days and are best enjoyed with ‘Pretzels’ and grilled sausages in one of the country’s many beer gardens. Beer has also found its way into German cuisine, with gourmet chefs seeking suitable beer combinations for dishes, often including select beers themselves in their culinary creations. Coach group guests come to Germany every year from all over the globe to visit the homes of German beers sampling and enjoying their favourite brews at beer festivals and during beer tastings in breweries and bars.

Germans very much like to celebrate and there is no better place for coach holidaymakers to get into the swing of things and to meet the locals than at one of Germany’s numerous beer fairs and beer festivals. The most famous one is the Munich Oktoberfest (since 1810) in the last weeks of September under the motto ‘O´zapft is’. This is the largest public fair in the world with over six millions visitors and over 5 million ‘Maß Bier’ drunk in large beer tents from decorated 1 litre mugs called ‘Bier Steins’.

The classic Oktoberfest menu is a typical Bavarian ‘Schmankerl’ consisting of Weisswurst, grilled half-chicken and Pretzels. Munich brewers brew a special beer for the occasion known as ‘Festmärzen’. There is live music and dancing non-stop and most participants appear in traditional Bavarian costumes, ‘Dirndl’ for girls and ladies, ‘Lederhosen’ for boys and men. ‘Oktoberfests’ have spread throughout Germany in recent times, complementing the many other regional and seasonal festivals.

The Cannstatter Folk Festival in Stuttgart (end of September to beginning of October) is also one of the world’s biggest festivals and a heaven for beer lovers. The ‘Bierfest’ serves not only Stuttgarter and Swabian beers but also up to 100 other German beers from the Baltic Sea to Upper Bavaria, and from the Rhineland to the Oder basin – a wonderful opportunity, indeed, to sample, explore and get to know the breadth, depth and diversity of Germany’s unique beer traditions and landscapes.

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