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German holiday behaviour in 2018 – selected first results of the 49th FUR Travel Analysis

55 million German holidaymakers took a total of above 70 million trips (5 days +) in 2018. Expenditure on holiday trips dropped to € 71.2 billion down from € 72.7 billion in 2017. Holiday travel propensity rose, however, to 78 % (the proportion of the population 14+ years, German-speaking in private households who took at least one holiday trip of at least 5 days duration in 2018). The statistic that particularly interests RDA members and RDA Group Travel Expo exhibitors is that the coach holiday travel market share has remained quite stable at 6 % (8 % of domestic travel and 5 % of travel abroad).

88 million short holiday trips of 2 to 4 days duration worth € 23.6 billion were also taken in 2018 by 35 million Germans, a great number of these being weekend coach trips, city-breaks in particular.

Germans are still attracted to far-away destinations. In 2018, 73 % of all holiday trips went abroad. This equates to 51.1 million trips, more than ever before. Nevertheless, Germany remained the most important holiday destination for Germans, accounting for 27 % of all holiday trips. The ranking of top destinations in 2018 was stable. In Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was ahead of Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. Abroad, Spain was the undisputed leader, followed by Italy, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Croatia, France, the Netherlands and Egypt. 8 % of all holiday trips were long-¬haul, North America and Southeast Asia being most popular holiday regions.

Whereas 71 % of people in Germany plan to definitely or probably go on holiday this year, only 11 % are certain that they will not go on holiday. A clear upward trend is also evident in holiday travel spending, with the number of people intending to spend more on holidays in 2019 (29 %) significantly higher than that of people who want to save on holidays (14 %). At the same time, overall German holiday demand is stable.

In 2018, more holiday trips were booked online than ever before (42 %; 26 % in 2010). This marks a milestone in the long-term structural change in German holiday booking behavior being driven by digitalization. It can be assumed that the share of online bookings will continue to rise in the coming years. Regarding holiday accommodation organization, package travel/modular travel (43 %; 42% in 2010) remains slightly ahead of individual bookings (36 %; 34 % in 2010).

Online booking (desktop and mobile) is a trend that coach holiday operators in particular should study very closely, adapting their current marketing, advertising, sales and booking processes to include online promotion and digital booking platforms (own or third party) in order to maintain sales and increase overall market share


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