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A Trip down Memory Lane – Tourism Get-Together at 14th International Concours d’Elegance Classic-Gala Schwetzingen 2018

Tourism get-together during the 14th International Concours d’Elegance in Schwetzingen © Dr. Patrick Patridge

A party from the Touristik-Stammtisch Frankfurt (Tourism Open Table) led by Mr. Klaus-Peter Kaiser attended an informal get-together and welcome reception on Sunday 2nd September 2018 at the 14th International Concours d’Elegance which was held from 31st August to 2nd September 2018 in Schwetzingen Palace Gardens (near Heidelberg / Mannheim).

Some 21,000 enthusiasts from throughout Germany and further afield attended what is one of Europe’s iconic classic car events – dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture. Organisers were Johannes Hübner, RDA security officer and head of the coach safety program RBI, and Wolfgang Gauf of 4C. Dieter Gauf spoke about the attractiveness of the Concours d’Elegance Classic-Gala for coach travel groups and informed the participants that plans are also afoot to introduce a vintage tour bus area in 2019.

A collection of 160 classic cars dating from 1890 to approx. 1990 was on display. Owners and museum curators were available on the spot to answer visitors’ questions and to talk about individual cars’ provenance and mechanics. All in all, a veritable ‘Trip down Memory Lane’, a fundus for photographers and a great day out for aficionados, families and interested coach tour groups alike.

The remarkable exhibits – displayed throughout the spacious, baroque and well-tended palatial park – were kindly provided by museums, clubs and collectors, including the Adler Club, ASC, Bently & Rolls Royce Touring Club, BMW Veterans, Corvette Club, Jaguar Friends, Mercedes-Benz IG, Old-Ford Friends, Silberhorn Classic and Stoewer Museum.

Many visitors could not help but being drawn back to their early lives and childhoods with vivid memories of classic cars driving along city streets or blazing a black-and-white trail in Laurel & Hardy or Hollywood gangster movies. More than ninety trophies and prizes were awarded to winners in different Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) classes and period groups.

Highlights included parades of micro-cars and of Rolls Royce limousines. A US-Classic Car Concours provided an eye-opening ‘American Way of Life’ feeling, with Buicks, Dodges and Ford Mustangs, 1950s atmosphere, swing music and Elvis Presley shows. Tasty food was served in the Schloss Restaurant in the stunning Northern Circle Building while hits from the 1920s to 1950s were performed live by ‘The Strangers’ jazz ensemble.

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