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58th RDA Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference 2009

The 58th RDA Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference from 23rd to 25th April 2009 in Schwerin, the State Capital of the Federal German State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, promises exciting speakers and plenty of topical subjects for lively discussion. The internal member’s RDA Annual General Meeting will be held immediately after the official opening of the BUGA (Federal German Gardens Exhibition) on the afternoon of 23rd April 2009. The gbk (Coach Quality Association) AGM will also take place on the same day in Schwerin with, however, slight displacement in terms of its timing.

The RDA Annual Conference will be held on 24th April 2009. This year’s motto is: “Good prospects via sound insights: making use of chances presented by the global economic crisis!” Speakers and presenters will include among others: Mr. Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Coaches and Chairperson of the EvoBus GmbH Board of Management. Mr. Schick will illustrate how the coach industry can expand its lead positions in terms of environment protection, passenger safety and cutting-edge technology, thus improving future prospects for the coach holiday sector as a whole. His presentation is titled “Project future – the coach as trendsetter when it comes to dealing with major challenges: safety, economical and ecological transport systems.” Mr. Wolfgang Knörr from the Institute for Energy and Environment Research in Heidelberg (ifeu) will present the results of the new RDA initiated study “Comparative Environment Performance of Holiday Coaches – An Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Different Modes of Transport in Long-Haul Traffic.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann from the F.U.R Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen (German Holiday Travel Research Institute) will explain German coach holidaymakers’ media usage patterns and interplay of travel behaviour. Political insights and tax reductions are also necessary for the success of small to middle-sized enterprises in an increasingly competitive business environment. Dr. Karl Heinz Däke, President of the German Taxpayers Association will explain how fiscal funds could be made available for economic development programmes through responsible dealings with tax intakes. His chosen theme is: “Whoever saves taxes requires both thrift and room for manoeuvre in a global economic crisis.” Ms. Katja Dofel, n-tv journalist and Stock Exchange reporter, will provide pertinent insights into and background information on the current global financial crisis and the prospects for capital availability for small to middle-sized enterprises.

The official opening of the BUGA is the starting shot for the RDA and gbk AGMs. The BUGA, working hand-in-hand with innovative coach tourism providers, is an excellent example of the broader marketing synergies that can be generated by such a unique and colourful event. The 58th RDA AGM and Annual Conference will be rounded off by a multifaceted, discerning and enjoyable networking and tourism programme.

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