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Revision of EU Traffic Ordnance 561/2006: EU Commission plans changes to the „12-day rule“

EU Ordnance 561/2006 has been revised. A recommendation from the European Commission was transmitted on 31st Mai 2017 to the European Parliament and to the European Council. The recommendation was prepared by the General Directorate Traffic and Mobility (GD MOVE) in a so-called Inter Service Consultation. The General Directorates consulted according to RDA Brussels Representative, Sandra van de Walle, were Traffic and Mobility (MOVE), Employment, Internal Market and Industry, Justice and Consumer Rights, Regional Politics and City Development, Competition, Economy and Finance.

The GD MOVE text includes an RDA demand for an extension of the 12-day rule to domestic coach transport. To-date, it can only be applied to cross-border travel. The EU Commission has concluded that there would be no negative consequences for coach drivers nor for road safety as a result of doing so.

According to GD MOVE, the average weekly rest period should remain at 45 hours. More flexibility, however, will accord to a total period of 4 weeks. This means that a coach driver has to take a rest of at least 24 hours duration after each week and that at the end of 4 weeks he should have had a total of 180 hours rest. A shortened monthly rest period is not planned. Breaks within a period of 4.5 hours are also to be more flexible. The allotted 45 minutes can be divided into 3 x 15 minute breaks.

RDA-President Benedikt Esser commented: “We hope that these recommendations will be put quickly into effect and welcome the greater flexibility which our industry will experience as a result”.

What remains unanswered is a question concerning the Posting of Workers Directive, whether this should apply after 5, 7 or 9 days to international coach travel. A recommendation will be transmitted to the European Council and European Commission for a decision.


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