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Mobility Package I rejected by the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament

The Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) of the European Parliament rejected Wim van de Camp’s revised report concerning driving and rest periods of the Mobility Package I on 10th January 2019. The revised report contained some important improvements for coach drivers, such as the application of the modified 12-day-rule on national transport as well as more practice-oriented driving times and rest periods.

The original report, which had been adopted by the TRAN Committee, was rejected by the European Parliament in July 2018 and remitted to the rapporteur for revision. This was one of the very rare cases, in which the plenum did not follow the proposal of the leading committee. As of now, the revised report has also been rejected by the Committee. The Committee only adopted the report of the Member of Parliament, Ismail Ertug, concerning the provisions on access to the profession of coach and lorry drivers.

Sandra van de Walle, head of the RDA office in Brussels, considers it unlikely that the three European co-legislators will agree on a joint text until the elections of the new European Parliament on 26th May 2019. Unfortunately, trade unions and Eastern European member states have once again been able to have their point of view adopted.

The coordinators of the individual groups of the European Parliament have, however, decided to keep on working on the dossiers before the end of this legislative term. RDA President Bendikt Esser comments, “Unfortunately, the necessary and justified improvements for coach operators and drivers have been pushed into the waiting line by the rejection of the report. The politicians responsible should now realise that the concerns of coach drivers cannot be fitted into a Mobility Package that is largely oriented towards the transport of goods. Therefore, we invite the Members of Parliament once again to consider the specific interests of the coach tourism sector in an appropriate manner.”


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