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66th RDA AGM on 19th April 2017 in Friedrichshafen – Election of a new RDA President

RDA Members - please make sure that you attend the 66th RDA AGM which takes place at 15.30 pm on 19th April 2017 at tradefair Friedrichshafen - a day prior to the RDA Group Travel Expo 2017.

One of the most important points on the agenda is the election of a successor to RDA President Richard Eberhardt who after 15 years in office will not be standing for re-election. Richard Eberhardt engaged in political lobbying in both Berlin and in Brussels and was responsible for the re-introduction of a modified “12-day rule” for coach drivers’ hours and for the establishment of EACT – the European Alliance for Coach Tourism.

To-date, there is one candidate for RDA President – RDA Vice-President and Managing Director of the RDA-Workshop Touristik Service GmbH, Benedikt Esser of wholesaler Busunion. Since being elected to the RDA Board in 2015, Benedikt Esser has been responsible for many welcome innovations, including the establishment of the RDA Group Travel Expo exhibitions in Friedrichshafen, the modernisation of the RDA Group Travel Expo exhibitions in Cologne and the development of - a coach rentals portal for RDA member companies.

The RDA Presidium currently consists of RDA President Richard Eberhardt and RDA Vice-Presidents Heinrich Marti and Benedikt Esser. Should Benedikt Esser be elected as RDA President, then RDA Board member Dr. Ulrich Basteck, Executive Partner of Wölitz Tourist, will stand for election as RDA Vice-President. The RDA Board welcomes both of these candidacies.

Should Dr. Ulrich Basteck be elected as RDA Vice-President, then his position on the RDA Board will be open for election. Candidacies are most welcome from interested and engaged RDA members  – candidates should be either company owners or company managing directors. Please contact RDA Head Office in Cologne for further details.

The RDA AGM has been consciously timed for the day prior to the RDA Group Travel Expo exhibition on 20th and 21st April 2017 in Friedrichshafen, allowing RDA members to make best use of their time and to participate in the proceedings and life of their industry federation. There will be a get-together party at the conclusion of the AGM in the Graf Zeppelin Haus in Friedrichshafen. This is due to begin at 19.30 pm. Tickets cost € 35.00. A shuttle bus service will be available for transfers from the AGM to the event location.


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