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66th RDA AGM on 19th 2017 April in Friedrichshafen - Benedikt Esser elected RDA-President and Richard Eberhardt as Honorary RDA-President

B. Esser and R. Eberhardt

A very well attended RDA AGM 2017 in Friedrichshafen © Dr. Patrick Patridge

This year’s RDA AGM was held on the afternoon of Wednesday, 19th April 2017 at Messe Friedrichshafen. RDA CEO, Dieter Gauf, outlined RDA activities in Germany, Brussels and beyond over the past year. RDA Treasurer, Bernhard Kirschbaum, reported on the healthy state of federation finances.
The historic highlight of a well-attended and harmonious meeting was the election of a new RDA-President to succeed Richard Eberhardt. RDA Vice-President Benedikt Esser of Busunion, Hürth/ Germany, was duly elected after a secret ballot. Keystones of Benedikt Esser’s Presidency will be strengthening of the RDA Group Travel Expo as the B2B marketplace for all modes group and coach travel, co-operation with German and European federations, political lobbying in the tradition of Richard Eberhardt and further training in the context of the RDA-Academy.

Also elected to positions on the RDA Board were RDA Board Member Dr. Ulrich Basteck, Wörlitz Tourist, Berlin, as new RDA Vice-President; Marco Schuy, Schuy Exclusiv Reisen, Limburg, and Anna Marx, Marx Reisen, Fridolfing. Richard Eberhard was subsequently elected as RDA Honorary President. A laudatio was given by RDA former Vice-President, Konrad Behringer, after a standing ovation by meeting participants. Bernhard Kirschbaum was re-elected as RDA Treasurer.


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