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What you should know about the RDA

What's behind the abbreviation RDA?

The leading specialist federation for coach and group tourism was established as the "Reisering Deutscher Autobusunternehmungen e.V." in 1951 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The federation, with some 3,000 member companies from the coach and group tourism sector, has been operating under the official name "RDA  International Coach Tourism Federation" since 1991. The popular "RDA" abbreviation has been maintained.

What are the tasks and goals of RDA?

The RDA aims to maintain a positive climate for the coach and group tourism sector via its active lobbying. The RDA acts in its members’ interests at all times – whether to stop coach-unfriendly restrictions, by intervening in legislative procedures or by safeguarding or developing coach and group tourism markets.

RDA federation services are geared to the requirements and needs of small- to medium-sized group tourism companies. The RDA promotes the transfer of ideas, innovations and practice-oriented B2B solutions for the benefit of RDA members and of the coach and group tourism sector as a whole.

Who are RDA members and what are RDA membership benefits?

Companies from the whole spectrum of the group tourism industry are joined together in the RDA. The member structure of the federation consists of three pillars.

A1 members: coach companies, coach-/tour operators, travel agencies, wholesale tour operators, incoming agencies.

A2 members: tourist boards, destinations, tourist offices, tourism organisations, cultural attractions, leisure/recreation centres, shipping companie, mountain railways, service companies, consultants.

A3 members: hotels, restaurants.

The RDA federation offers well-founded advisory services (in legal, taxation, tourism, marketing and sales matters) which are already included in the annual membership fee. Members receive current information about the industry as well as specialist knowledge which is available in numerous guidelines and studies. Qualified further training possibilities are available via RDA-Academy seminars on diverse tourism issues.

What does RDA membership cost?

RDA membership means a small membership fee and a large spectrum of services. In concrete terms this means:

Small-sized companies*: € 400,- p.a.

*A1: max. 2 coaches or 4 employees
*A2: max. 4 employees
*A3: max. 60 beds or 4 employees

Medium-sized companies: € 500,- p.a.

Large companies**: € 980,- p.a.

**annual turnover above € 20m.

Enrollment fees:
A1: € 26,-
A2: € 51,-
A3: € 153,-

RDA membership is not limited in time and may be regularly terminated by written notice of cancellation per registered post (the period of notice for cancellation is six months to the end of the calendar year, i.e. by the 30th June of any given year at the very latest).


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