RDA General Meeting

69th RDA Annual General Meeting

In light of the decisions of the Minister Presidents' Conference regarding the extension of the lockdown in Germany and in view of continously rising COVID-19 case numbers, the RDA has decided to hold the 69th RDA Annual General Meeting on May 12th, 2021 in a digital format. You will receive the invitation together with the agenda and appendices for the 69th RDA Annual General Meeting within the statutory deadline.

"We would have liked to hold the AGM as a face-to-face event. However, due to ongoing restrictions and high case numbers, this is currently not feasible. Therefore, we have now opted for a digital AGM," RDA President Benedikt Esser comments on the decision.

68th RDA Annual General Meeting

At the 68th RDA Annual General Meeting, which took place on 18th November 2019 at the Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim) in Augsburg, the RDA Board presented stable membership figures and a solid financial situation. RDA President Benedikt Esser reported on numerous federation activities and presented future projects. In particular, he highlighted the RDA's new image campaign "Ich Bus in Urlaub", which will strengthen the coach as the most climate-friendly means of transport in the long term.

Campaign "No to the holiday tax!" achieves goal

The RDA campaign "No to the holiday tax!" anchored the unwieldy topic of the trade tax addition of hotel services in politics and society in a striking way. Leading media such as the FAZ, the Handelsblatt and Die Welt reported, in some cases several times nationwide. Radio and television stations took up the topic. Political debates in state parliaments and the Bundestag were the result. RDA President Esser: "The campaign objective was achieved and the Federal Court of Finance (BFH) judgement is now available. The matter has been decided in our favour and must now be applied to all. We therefore call on Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to publish the ruling immediately".

Image campaign "Ich Bus in Urlaub" strengthens the climate-friendly coach

When presenting the new RDA image campaign "Ich Bus in Urlaub" (I Bus on Holiday), Esser emphasised the importance of the destinations within the RDA: "Together with the destinations, we can strengthen public awareness of the climate-friendly coach. All RDA members will benefit from this in the long term".

RDA trade fairs with a wide reach

Looking back on the activities, Esser emphasised the importance of the RDA's various alliances and cooperations and once again highlighted the unique range of services offered to members: "The RDA Group Travel Expo is the leading travel trade fair for coach and group tourism in the German-speaking market. With our locations in Friedrichshafen and Cologne we achieve the highest visitor reach in the market". Other important elements in the portfolio are legal advice, RDA emergency assistance and the bus.de platform, the use of which is steadily increasing.

Farewell of Dieter Gauf

The RDA General Annual Meeting gave a standing ovation to Dieter Gauf, who, as its long-standing General Manager, had guided the fate of the federation for 33 years: "You have brought the RDA to the political arena in Berlin and Brussels and firmly established it. Your performance has made the RDA strong. We are proud of it and thank you for it in the highest degree," said President Esser in honour of Dieter Gauf's life's work.

Proposals for amendments to the RDA Constitution without a majority

The motions to amend the RDA Constitution did not receive a majority. The Annual General Meeting voted against the transfer of voting rights and the setting of the dates for meetings in the RDA Constitution.

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