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Tour guiding is a core coach tourism product

Tour guides – an interesting field of activity but not a qualified job

Professional tour guides convey dreamed-of holiday experiences.

Tour guides play a central role in the overall success of any coach holiday. They have to possess professional, organisational, didactic and social competencies. They have to prepare and deliver tours, remedy problems and defuse crises, be always available to look after and advise tour participants. Tour guides awaken enthusiasm for destinations and mediate between cultures. They work in an exciting field characterised by diverse interests – those of the tour participants themselves, tour operators and destinations. German tour guides do not possess state-regulated or state-recognized qualifications despite the high demands and expectations of the job. The requirements of job applicants are also considerably varied depending upon the particular areas where they are due to be employed.

Escorted- and study tour guides look after their groups for the complete duration of a sightseeing or study trip. Their duties, among others, include:

  • Commentaries and explanations on country and people
  • Transmitting specialist knowledge
  • Guiding through historic visitor attractions, interpreting art history

Tour guides have to possess numerous skills, specialist knowledge and an excellent education because of the independent, responsible, demanding and content-related service they provide. A university degree is often a necessary requirement.

Tour guides employed by larger tour operator companies and based in specific locations (often abroad) are mostly responsible for customer care on the ground.

Their tasks among others include:

  • Guest reception, greeting, care and attention
  • Providing information about destinations
  • Involvement in the organisation and running of entertainment events; quality control
  • Handling business transactions

Tour operators expect tour guide candidates to possess either A Levels along with a job training qualification or a university degree, two languages, a driving licence, plenty of stamina and a confident friendly disposition.

Larger tour operators organise company-intern seminars in which tour guides are prepared for the tasks at hand according to the specific corporate culture of the company in question and the specialist knowledge required.

Information about regional education institutes in Germany is available from either the local Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) or Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer) responsible.


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